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From SnapTube: Download YouTube videos in MP3 format with SnapTube’s killer music download feature. Save time and space on your phone. No extra encoding process or plugin required. MP4 videos are available in multiple resolutions: choose the small size of 360 pixels or the high-definition of 1080 pixels. Download any YouTube music video directly as an MP3 file. No extra encoding process or plugin needed. Save space with a smaller file and listen to your favorite music video anytime you want. Search a video with keywords. Easily find the exact video you want. Watching a video in the YouTube app you want to download? SnapTube ready: just use the “share” function to connect it to SnapTube and it’s ready to download in the blink of an eye. Explore YouTube videos in your favorite categories like Music or Movies. Discover new videos with recommended lists from our curators. Pause, cancel, or resume a video download. Delete the videos you don’t need anymore. Manage all of your video downloads in one place. Clean design lets you focus on your videos. No annoying ads.

With SnapTube for Windows you can download videos and music from YouTube in different formats. It’s fast and comes along with a simple and functional design


Amongst all the different programs to download videos and music from YouTube, we have to point one called SnapTube. The latter has become very popular amongst Android users but thanks to emulators of the likes of BlueStacks, we can adapt the use of its APK to a PC and make the most of all its features on Windows. However, we no longer have to muck around with an Android emulator or an APK because we can install a native app for Microsoft’s operating system, although it comes along with fewer functions than the official client.

Download videos and music from YouTube and other sites

The main advantage of this tool is being able to download videos and music for free from the online video streaming portal par excellence. One of its most positive aspects is its design as all its functions and features are well defined and easily accessible, without getting annoyed by bothersome ads. In fact, we only have to play a video to access a menu that allows us to download it. Nevertheless, we do miss the possibility to download video batches or complete playlists.

We can browse through all the recommended contents or search manually for any video and play it as if we were on YouTube’s website, and from there on, decide which format and quality we want to download by simply doing a few clicks with our mouse. As easy as that.

Main features of SnapTube for PC

These are the main functions that we can find when downloading this program:

  • Download videos and music in different formats and quality: MP3, M4A, AVI…
  • Manage your different subscriptions to YouTube channels.
  • Manage all your downloads.
  • Explore online contents such as recommended, trendy or channels from different categories. We can also use its search engine to find manually whatever we really want or receive suggestions based on the most popular searches.
  • Download videos in HD.

This application is definitely one of the best alternatives to download videos on Windows, together with others of the likes of aTube Catcher or xVideoServiceThief for PC.

Thanks to this program we can get hold of our favorite videos to watch them offline, just in case we don’t always have an Internet connection, share them with our contacts by email or chat and instant messaging apps of the likes of WhatsApp or even to edit them and use them in our own audiovisual montages.

What’s new in the latest version

  • New HD download options.
  • Direct download of MP3s.
  • Greater download speeds in the background.
  • Video to MP3 audio conversion functions.

  Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10.

Snaptube is one such application which lets you download music and videos from different platforms. You may have come across that there are many music and videos rolling over the internet like on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more which looks harder to download them to save them for offline streaming. This is because of their copyright issues and some are available to download as a paid version. But using Snaptube app you can download all those music and videos which are restricted to download on other sites. So, the question arises what actually this Snaptube App is? How does this app work to download Music and Videos? And the most important, How to download Snaptube Apk into your device? We have covered all your question in this article, so let’s discuss them one by one.

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  • 1 What is Snaptube App
  • 2 Features of Snaptube App
  • 3 How to Download Snaptube App
  • 4 How to Use Snaptube 
    • 4.1 Conclusion

What is Snaptube App

Snaptube App is free to use Music and Videos Downloader app which lets you download music and videos from over 21 online streaming platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Daily Motion and many more. This app allows you to download all the videos and music from the listed platforms which are not available to download on them. Meanwhile, this app also converts videos into MP3 Music files and gives you an authority to download high-quality videos. Also, you get an option to download videos in your desires quality and format.

However, in the free version of this app, you can download videos up to Full HD resolution only. If you want to download 4K Resolution Videos you have to opt-in for the Pro version of Snaptube which cost you a small price of $1.99 USD. This app is trusted and downloaded by more than 400 Million users worldwide and is categorized as one of the best Video Downloader App.


Features of Snaptube App

Snaptube has many amazing features which make this app better than some other Video Downloader Apps. Here we have listed some features of Snaptube App.

  • This app contains videos from more than 21 Online Platforms.
  • Simple and Easy Interface to Download Videos and Music.
  • Inbuilt Video to MP3 Converter.
  • Free to Use.
  • Availability of Different Video Quality.
  • Watch all trending videos from different platforms.
  • Safe to Install in your Android Device.
  • Well-Organized Collection of Videos.
  • Night Mode
  • Supports Wide Video and Audio Format
  • You’ll get an additional floating player so that you can enjoy your videos while doing any other work also.

These are some amazing features of Snaptube App and still, there are many more features which you can enjoy after downloading this app.

How to Download Snaptube App

So, I hope you have gone through the features of Snaptube app and had got a little idea about Snaptube. Now, if you want to download Snaptube app, here are the steps laid for you which you can follow to download and Install Snaptube App on your Android Device.

Step 1: Download Snaptube App from the link given below.


In case, If you are installing your first app from a platform other than PlayStore then go to your Setting>>Security>>Enable Unknown Sources to install this app successfully.

Step 2: Now move ahead to your Download Section of your Browser or File Manager and find the Snaptube apk and click on it to Install.

Step 3: Now go through the Installation Wizard and click on Install option to Install Snaptube App in your Smartphone.

Step 4: Wait for a few seconds to complete installation and then click on Done to complete the installation procedure.

Step 5: Now open the Snaptube app and enjoy. 

How to Use Snaptube 

Now, I hope you have downloaded and installed Snaptube App in your Android Smartphone. To guide you to use this app, here is a small guide to use this app to download music and videos using this app.

Step 1: Open the Snaptube App.

Step 2: Search for your video or music you want to download in the search bar listed at the top front.

Step 3: Choose the video or song you want to download from the search results. Then click on it and select the quality in which you want to download that video. 

Step 4: Now finally, click on the quality option in which you want to download that video or Music in your device. Done your video or music will be downloaded into your device storage to which you can watch later even if you don’t have an Internet Connection.

In this way, you can use this Snaptube App to download your favorite music and videos from any platform.


So in this way, you can download and Install Snaptube App on your device to download music and videos for free from more than 21 Online platforms. Hope this article helps you. In case, if you have any doubt or question you can ask us in the comment section.

Disclaimer:1. TechoCodex does not encourage downloading apps from Third-Party sites as they may harm your device or might give hackers to access your device. So proceed on your own risk.
2. This service is neither developed nor run by us, this whole article is based on reviews and reports from other users.
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5. This article doesn’t encourage any paid promotions, it is only a piece of information which has been published on user demand.

Attention! New verion 4.61 released!

SnapTube PC App records and plays videos not only on smaprtphones. The app can download your all of favorite videos to the device within a matter of minutes. Though it wasn’t designed to run on PCs it became so popular so many people want to have it on their Windows too!

There is a search engine that makes finding videos easy because the results come from the all of the popular video websites. It also has many other features, which makes it the best application in this category. But what if you are working under Windows Laptop? Don’t worry, we have a solution!

SnapTube PC version – how to

At the moment, the application is not released for platofrms others than android, but you can use emulators. Emulators will run the Android OS and all of the software for it. Here is how to download and install it on Windows.

1. Install an Emulator

The first thing that you need an Android emulator. BlueStacks is the best on the market and is free. BlueStacks does need a lot of space, but it runs a full version of the OS. The amount of space you need depends on the version of Andriod. It’s not necessary to install the latest one.

2. Download SnapTube for PC

After the emulator has been installed on your computer, you will need the apk file. These files can take a few minutes to finish downloading.

Download For Windows

Or try alternate app: Vidmate for Windows

3. Install the App

After apk files have completed the download; you need right-click on the apk and then open the file using the emulator. It should automatically open and should start installing the program. This will take around five minutes because your emulator makes room for the app.

4. Restart Your Emulator

Once the app is fully installed, you need close and restart the emulation program. Restarting the program finishes the installation process and removes any data that is not in use. Once it is finished restarting, the Snap Tube icon should be located in the main menu. You will be able to run the app from the main menu.

5. Enjoy it!

When SnapTube for Windows is open you can use it to record videos. All of the recordings will be stored to the files that the emulator created. These files location will depend on the emulator, and it is created during the installation.

You can view the videos on both the emulators and in other programs on your computer. SnapTube allows you to select the formatting of the recordings. You will need to be connected to the internet to record any videos, so your emulators use your computer’s internet settings.

SnapTube for PC is a great application, which makes recording videos a breeze. If you want to use it on your laptop, it does take some extra work. Once you have the emulators and the application working, you can easily record the videos that you want.

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