Rs.50 Cashback on Jio Recharge of 309 or more

Are you looking for jio rechrage cashback offers? then you came to the right place. I explain you how to get cashback Rs. 50 on every jio recharge of 309 or more. Let’s get started.

Step1 : First of download the Jio Money wallet from play store.

Sign up using your Jio Mobile number. Click on Recharge Now option.

Step2: Enter the Jio number to which you want to recharge. Click on Prooceed.

Step3: Select any plan 309 or 509.

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Step 4: Then next click on Apply coupon.

Note: You can’t manually enter the coupon code. For that read step 5.

Step 5: On the first recharge you will not get cashback. if you recharged with Jio money wallet in march 2017 then you must have that code. Don’t worry, do any recharge for a friend and get a free recharge code from Jio money wallet. From second recharge onwards you will get code like JIOPRIME50A, JIOPRIME50B, JIOPRIME50C, etc.

Step 6: Now you have appilied the coupon for cashback of Rs.50 on Jio Recharges

Step7: Pay using any method like Jio wallet money, net banking or debit card/credit card/ ATM card.

You need to pay Rs. 50 less thanthe original recharge amount. I have done 2 recharges of Rs. 309 with only Rs.259 each.

Jio 50 cashback

You are all done.

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