What is Jio Coin? How to Invest, Price, Launch Date? Jio coin vs Bitcoin

What is Jio Coin?

Hi friends, you may be listening to Bitcoin’s name at this time and how many people have invested money in it and are also taking profits. Along with this, if we talk about Jio, there will be only a few people who do not know that due to the arrival of Jio. Jiocoin is basically a digital cryptocurrency coin which don’t exists in physically. It’s based and block chain Technology. Blockchain technology is a digital ledger in which transactions made in cryptocurrencies are recorded chronologically and publicly.

Jiocoin kya hai, invest kaise karen

As you may know, Jio remains persistent in the discussion due to some reason and the main reason is to give offers. But this time Jio has a reason to come to the discussion and that is why Jiocoin There are reports on many newspapers and news chains that Jio is now going to launch Jiocoin on the lines of Bitcoin. If the media is to be believed then it can be launched as soon as possible, in this post we will see what Jio Coin is. There is a possibility that Jio New Crypto-Currency can be launched. And with Jio Coin, we will look at some new things so that we can be clear about it-

Accepting the news, Ambani’s eldest son, Akash Ambani, is leading the project of Reliance Jio Coin, in which  average 25 years young professional members team is working. This will work on blockchain technology. It is not that Jio Coin is India’s first cryptocurrency before we even heard the name of Laxmi Coin but it has not yet been launched. If we say in direct words, we can call it a virtual currency which neither we can touch or see. Nor is it operated by any central bank.

How long can the Jio Coin launch: –

There is no information about how long the  Jio Coin will come out, but on many reliable media channels it is being shown that it is going to be launched very soon. However, this is not the first time that there is so much discussion about Jio’s product, before that the discussion of Jio DTH was too much but it was not found in the market yet.
The second thing is that the news of Jio Coin was launched in the media, but till now there is no statement from Reliance, no matter how long it will be launched, and no one knows about the date of the launch of the agreed date.  Although Jiocoin is being made by Reliance then its launch should not take much time.

How to Invest Jio Coin?

Jio will launch their official website to buy Jiocoin. You have to buy that Jiocoins using your current currencies. Starting price of Jiocoin could be from 0.5$ to 1$,i.e. Rs.32 to Rs.64/- . The Prices of Jiocoin may be increased later when India will become more digital.

What is the benefit :-

1. First of all, if this launch is done then it will become India’s first crypto currency and it will be a good option for India to invest in it.

2. People who start investing in the beginning will benefit a lot later as Bitcoin is making profits.

3. If we pay by the Debit / Credit card, then it has to be fixed, but it will not be so, if there will be too little, the second thing will not need to roam it like cash and it will be fast and secure.

4. Like Bitcoin, it will be effective and popular in the world with no boundaries. And it also has many advantages.

5. With Jiocoin you can buy anything from e-commerce website because it will accept almost all e-commerce websites. Along with this, Online Hotel Booking, Plane Tickets
Other things like booking can do.

Every country has its own currency and it is accepted as the rupee in India and dollar in the US. In India there is currency rupee, so you can buy anything in India, though it is for sale. It can be said that it can touch, but CryptoCurrency is different as we know Bitcoin and are listening to JioCoin’s name in it neither can we touch it nor can it be seen that it is a virtual currency. Neither any bank has the right nor any government has control over it. Like Internet is for everyone’s use.

What is the price of Jiocoin ICO

  • ICO might start early Feb ( pre-sale )
  • The total coin supply would be 1 billion Jio coins
  • Initial price of the token could be 0.5 $(Expected)
  • JioCoin will be listed on their own exchange and could hit in major exchanges too


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