Jio Fiber Preview Offer, 100 GB Free Data @100 MB Speed for 90 Days

Jio Fiber Preview Offer: Again a Good news for you that Jio is going to launch their Fiber Home Broadband services with a 100 Gb complementary offer at 100Mbps speed for 90 days. There is no secret that Jio wireless 4G service is going to complement by Jio Fiber Broadband Technolgy. According to a tweet from Jio Care that their service is soon rolling out, it’s service in the cities in the next months.

Jio Fiber Preview Offer


Today we are going to inform you it’s speed, features & pricing.

In which Cities Jio Fiber is launched?

Currently, the Jio Fiber is launched in the cities Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jamnagar & Vadodara.

According to recent Jiocare twitter tweet, Jib Fiber to The Home (FTTH) is also under testing on Vadodara& Surat & Ahmedabad. There are very a chance that Jio is going to launch that they are soon going to launch its service all across the country.

jio fiber cities launced

JioFiber Complimentary Offer:

Jio home broadband connection launch date till now officially is not declared, but Jio Fiber is going to launch their service with a welcome offer called, Jio Fiber preview offer. In this Jio complementary offer, customers are given 100GB free data at the speed of 100 MBPS for 90 days absolutely free of cost.

jio fiber preview offer

Jio fiber Preview Offer Plan Details

Offer Details
Offer Name Jio Fiber Preview Offer
Speed Upto 100Mbps
High Speed Data 100 GB
Monthly Data Unlimited
Post usage 1 Mbps
Avialability Selected Metro Cities
Launch Date May-June 2017

Volume-based monthly plans of Jio Fiber Broadband:

Per day data usage Speed Plan Price Validity
5 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 1000 30 days
10 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 2000 30 days
20 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 3000 30 days
40 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 4000 30 days
60 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 5000 30 days

Installation Price:

Though the Jio Home Broadband service will be welcomed with a complimentary offer with 100 for 90 days, but there will be one-time refundable installation fee of Rs. 4500/- will be there. That means since this Jio Broadband service is connected through a fiber, there will an installation cost for that. Jio employee will do set it. This fee is refundable. In case users don’t want to wish this connectivity they can get refund the one time fee one the Promotion, preview offer ends.

After the end of the Promotional offer, Jio will release their commercial packs. As per some unknown source, they will give 600Gb @ Rs.500/-. But till now there is no confirm report.

Speed Of Jio Fiber Broadband:

Well, you will get 100 GB free data for 90 days at the speed of 100Mbps per second. After that, the speed will be throttled to 1Mbps. But 1Mps speed for browsing is just awesome, as the internet will continue to work. In others words, Jio Fiber Home broadband service is unlimited, which gives access to Jio Apps, allow make calls & data. So, no doubt, JioFiber will be the First & only 100 % Fiber video Optimised network. Thus giving customers to access ultra-high speed internet at their fingertips.

Other Benefits:

Not only data, along with the Jio Fiber Preview offer users will also able to access various services like access to Jio TV, Jio Chat, Video calling services. Most important thing is that Jio Fiber will give 5Gb cloud storage.

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Security Feature:

As a major aspect of the bundle, JioFiber clients will also get double band Wi-Fi switches, which Reliance says will offer “best indoor scope and network with the Fiber Home Gateway”. The organisation additionally says that clients will have the capacity to screen and control their Wi-Fi remotely utilising a cloud interface and that each time another gadget associated with Fiber Home Gateway, clients will become more acquainted with about it on their telephone through an application.

The Jio Fiber Connection will not be for only home users. Te multi-gigabyte services will also be launched for enterprenaurs. This will help small company as well as enterprenaurs.

Competition too gets ready

Jio is by all account, not the only organisation that is attempting to give fiber broadband connection. Airtel, which right now rules India’s broadband market, too is making a try towards fast speed internet connection. In spite of the fact that India’s broadband market has been ignored throughout recent years, there is some development.

Airtel also offering 100MBPS plans in some location of the country using the same technology. They recently announced V-Fibre connections in several cities. They also working to deliver 100mbps speed connections in more cities at low cost which is currently being charged for the slower connection.

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