Facebook Express WiFi launched In India, See Highlights

Facebook Express WiFi: Facebook has launched Express WiFi commercially in India. Facebook service had been tested from August last year and now finally 700 hotspots have been issued in 4 states of Gujarat, Rajasthan,  Meghalaya and Uttarakhand. They are soon Launching 20,000 hotspot in partnership with Bharti Airtel.

Facebook Express Wifi is Partnership with Airtel

“We are also pleased to announce our partnership with Bharti Airtel to launch an additional 20,000 hotspots- allowing Express Wi-Fi to reach millions more Indians who need super-fast and affordable connectivity, ” said Munish Seth, head of connectivity solutions, Facebook Asia Pacific.

“We are delighted to be a part of this initiative to provide affordable access to high-speed data to users across India, particularly in the underserved segment. We believe this will help in empowering millions of Indians by bringing them online and contribute to the Government’s Digital India vision,” said COO of Bharti Airtel.

Thank you for providing your express WiFi service for Facebook users who work with ISPs and local retailers. Apart from this, there are about 20,000 new hotspots to launch in India in partnership with Airtel. For the service of Facebook, mobile data is maintained for Karnataka, where high bandwidth is available for uploading, downloading and streaming of low-cost users.

Facebook is planning to work with many others merchants. Users are used to accessing the service. Daily users of the service are daily, which are the most suitable plans.

Highlights of Express Wi-Fi

Low Cost: Facebook express wifi will be low-cost, high bandwidth effective data service that allows users to enjoy the internet, download movies, songs, accessing of apps, etc.

Mobile Hotsopt: You can create wifi hotspot by using this Facebook Wifi Express retailer.

Then users will be able to browse the internet by connecting to the Express wifi using their password.

Data Packs: There will be cheap data packs for the Facebook wifi express on daily, monthly, weekly basis.

Restriction of  Access Unlike normal internet that provides almost all the telecom companies, there is no restriction to access to any websites.

Speed: The Express wifi will be of 100Mbps speed, of which users will be able to download minimum speed 10Mbps speed.

Registration Process: Users need to provide complete KYC to the nearest retailer who will offer the Facebook wi-fi express.

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